This movie producer from Cookeville, Tennessee is ready to mix things up. The 50-year-old Donald has a peculiar taste that varies from day to day, particularly in music. He admits that he can listen to anything from Britney Spears to Mozart and rave about it. Fond of combining the modern with the classical, he sounds like someone who can’t make up his mind. That’s probably why he’s currently dating two girls on a “non-exclusive” basis.

Being in the showbiz industry, Donald has formed a habit of putting his girlfriends in his movies. He doesn’t exactly divulge what type of flicks he’s into, but he’s hoping to make Megan Hauserman the star in all of them. That’s probably one reason he became one of the 17 contestants on VH1’s Megan Wants a Millionaire. Donald and his fetish for dark nail polish will fit right in the competition, which pits money-making men against one another in their dreams of having the Ultimate Trophy Wife.

The 17 self-made competitors on Megan Wants a Millionaire will go head to head and bank account to bank account, in order to win over the affections of reality TV celebrity Megan Hauserman. As they prove to her how much they’re worth, they will face numerous hardships on the way. Each challenge they succeed in will get them a date with the self-proclaimed material girl, but it won’t be that simple. They have to overcome obstacles like coming up with business plans for Megan’s beloved dog Lily or emerging triumphant in a high roller Vegas tournament. They’re going to do whatever it takes to bring home their Trophy Wife, spending their own money for Megan. She won’t be the only person they have to charm though. Joining her are several of her close friends and even other personalities, all intent on helping Megan fulfill her quest in finding her very own millionaire.

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