Derrick Levasseur



Derrick Levasseur is one of the houseguests on Big Brother season 16. He's a police officer from Providence, R.I. with a master's degree in Business Management. Described as confident, methodical and ambitious, his strategy in winning Big Brother includes finding common interests with houseguests, using what he's learned about them against them, and winning HOH's/POV's later in the game. Derrick, Frankie and Donny were revealed to be the Team America alliance. In week 3, he became the sole HoH after Nicole was dethroned. He later learned that his grandfather died while Derrick was in the house. In week 8, Derrick became HoH and nominated Christine and Donny but was dethroned after the pair won Battle of the Block. During the week 10 double eviction, Derrick became HoH and nominated Victoria and Christine, who ended up getting evicted. Derrick won the final HoH competition and nominated Cody, who ended up getting evicted. In the finale, he was declared the winner with 7-2 votes against Cody.




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