As the big man on his Detroit campus, Coop takes his work as a high school handyman pretty seriously. But that doesn’t mean he lacks what it takes to relax with the ladies. His day job isn’t a hindrance to his nighttime adventures. He woos women in his own style, utilizing the literary and romantic power of poetry and his natural charms. Coop will do whatever it takes to catch the eye of females, just as long as he gets a glimpse of their toes. That’s right, this guy has a peculiar appreciation for the female form. Despite his rather eccentric hobby of admiring female feet, Coop maintains his cool persona.

Ready to take on toes on television, Coop became known as one of the 24 contestants on MTV’s A Double Shot at Love. The show featured the bisexual twins Vikki and Rikki, who pushed the 12 bachelors and 12 lesbians to the limit to gain their affections. He didn’t make a good impression on the twins though, and he was eliminated on episode 2 of the competition.

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