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Claire Unabia, a production coordinator from New York, New York, was a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

She had consistently strong photos and standout performances, winning two reward challenges and winning the Cover Girl of the week title five weeks in a row. Also on the third episode, she won the make-up challenge held at Wal-Mart. However, on episode 6, Claire struggled to portray country music in her music genres photoshoot, and landed in the bottom two with Aimee , but was spared. On episode 7, she struggled again with her face down on the water photoshoot, and was sent home for her lack of versatility. Claire was the sixth model eliminated.

Claire described the task of balancing motherhood with career as a tricky one.  Claire’s participation in the competition required her to leave her baby behind for some time.  She missed her baby so much but she moved on with the show, thinking of her baby as her inspiration.

While the other girls are fighting with each other, Claire just did her own thing.  She thought the issues were silly but also admitted she get caught up in it, too.  She tried to separate from the heated discussions by continuing what she’s doing even though the other girls are already screaming at the top of their lungs.

Regarding her elimination, Claire maintained a clear mind about it even though she was also disappointed.  “To go home was kind of heartbreaking in a way, but after being in the bottom two the previous week, it was kind of hard for them to choose anyone else,” she said.  She also understood the fact that the judges wanted to see improvement more than just skill.  Claire also admitted it was a great fault that she didn’t impress them more every week.

After the show ended, she continued her modeling career. She has worked on ads for Fati Light and Kodak. In 2007, she appeared in Parents magazine with her daughter Halina. Later on, she was seen in spreads for Unvogue, New York Daily News and Supermodels Unlimited.

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Place of Birth

New York, New York

Birth Name

Claire Unabia



Fun Facts

- She has Filipino & European ancestry.

- Her husband, Matt James, is a sculptor whose work is on display in Manhattan's Onyx Building.



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