Chris Moy


Date Of Birth

August 23, 1992


Christopher Moy is featured as a contestant in the MTV network’s competitive reality television series Making Menudo. He is 15 years old and hails from the Bronx, NY. This native of the Big Apple has a soft-spoken and slightly introverted personality, which belies the huge vocal ability which emerges booming from his chest. Chris managed to catch the eye and admiration of judge Johnny Wright during the audition sessions in New York because of his big voice. The way Chris’ voice sounds has been described as having an intriguing, unusual and smoky quality. Afterwards, he was soon on his way to Miami in order to participate in the competition.

At present, his biggest challenge is to shed his shy personality, in order to make way for a stronger and more self-confident version of himself. Chris needs to develop his charisma in order to match up to his voice, as well as stage presence and the other qualities that the judges are searching for in selecting the final five for the future Menudo. Unless he’s able to assert himself, achieve maturity and live up to the impressive quality of his voice, he will most likely be heading home from the competition instead.

(Photos courtesy of MTV)

Place of Birth

Bronx, NY

Birth Name

Christopher Moy



Fun Facts

.chris loves the yankees performing meeting fans song writing basketball and writing poems










"Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!"

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