Christina Moore


Date Of Birth

April 12, 1973


Comedian Christina Moore was born on April 12, 1973 in Palatine, Illinois. She got her interest in acting as a child, initially performing at her family’s church, and later joining a performing troupe around Chicago when she was in high school. She made her professional debut as summer stock for several plays across Illinois; she acted there while studying at the Illinois Wesleyan University. Upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career further.

After taking guest roles on television in the late 1990s, including a short stint in Unhappily Ever After, Moore became a regular in the short-lived series Hyperion Bay. She also held a recurring role in the series Pasadena. In 2003, she joined the cast of sketch comedy show MADtv, becoming a featured performer for the eighth season; she became known for her impressions of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Brittany Murphy and Sharon Stone. She quickly left the show to join That ‘70s Show, when she took over the character of Laurie Forman from a departing Lisa Robin Kelly. She stayed for a season, after which she took another recurring role, this time for The Bad Girls’ Guide.

More recently, Moore became a regular in the short-lived series Hot Properties, and took a recurring role in 90210 as promiscuous Tracy Clark. This is in addition to her fledgling movie career, with credits including Without A Paddle and Delta Farce. She currently stars in the TNT medical drama Hawthorne.

Place of Birth

Palatine, IL

Birth Name

Christina Moore



Fun Facts





- The Sore Losers (1997)
- Second Skin (1998)
- Without A Paddle (2004)
- Complete Guide to Guys (2005)
- Delta Force (2007)

- Unhappily Ever After (recurring, 1998)
- Hyperion Bay (regular, 1998-1999)
- Pasadena (recurring, 2001-2002)
- That '70s Show (recurring, 2003-2004)
- The Bad Girl's Guide (recurring, 2005)
- Hot Properties (regular, 2005)
- 90210 (recurring, 2008-2009)
- Hawthorne (regular, 2009-present)







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