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Hailing from San Francisco, California is the self-taught freelance costume designer, Chris March. Inspired by Dior and Chanel, he works in New York, where his clientele include Cirque du Soleil, Madonna and Thierry Mugler. He gained recognition for his work on the trademark hats and wigs of the longest running show in America, “Beach Blanket Babylon,” and earned greater demand by celebrities, even though he was not properly educated in fashion. His natural talent for design stemmed from his love of costuming, fashion and acting, which later led him to pursue a career in New York, and consequently earn him the Drama Desk Award nomination for outstanding costume design.

Chris March became known as one of fifteen contestants to appear on season 4 of Bravo’s reality fashion design competition, Project Runway. He placed fourth among all the contestants, and has since continued his career in the fashion industry. He has dressed numerous celebrities, and has even been featured in the series Mad Fashion on Bravo.

In 2014, Chris made his reality TV comeback as part of the cast of Project Runway: All Stars Season 4. He was eliminated in episode 3, earning him the 12th place in the competition.

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Chris March




Project Runway: All Stars, season 4

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