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Cedric Yarbrough was born on August 26, 1971 in Burnsville, Minnesota. He was educated at Burnsville High School and Minnesota State University in college. His silver screen credits include Arrested Development, and some of his film appearances are in Meet the Fockers and The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Deputy S. "Jonesy" Jones is played by Cedric Yarbrough on the Comedy Central series Reno 911! Jonesy sees himself as a ladies man, and works part time as a stripper. He is the partner of Deputy James Garcia, and is engaged in an on-and-off relationship with Deputy Raineesha Williams. Jonesy was raised in a suburban part of Minnesota.

Place of Birth

March 20,1973,Burnsville, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Cedric Yarbrough



Fun Facts

Attended Lakeville High School, located in Lakeville, Minnesota

Huge Bobby McFerrin and Elvis Costello fan.

Worked as a janitor and kinko's through college.

In Reno 911, he plays a police officer, and in Meet the Fockers, he has a cameo as a police officer in the scene where Greg, Bernie, and Jack are in the jail cell.

At 6' 2", he is easily the tallest regular cast member of "Reno 911!" (2001).








6' 2"



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