Catalina Sandino Moreno


Date Of Birth

April 19, 1981


Colombian actress was born on April 19, 1981 in Bogota. She studied at Saint George's School in Bogota and graduated in 2000. Afterwards, she pursued a degree in advertising atPontificia Universidad Javeriana.

In 2004, Moreno relocated to New York City and joined the Rub?n Di Pietro acting school. She was recognized for her work there, eventually getting referred to a casting audition for the 2004 film Full of Grace. She beat over 900 for the lead role, even earning an Academy Award nomination in the process.

Since then, she has landed several film roles. In 2006 she played Angie on Journey to the End of the Night. She also appeared on Fast Food Nation and Paris, je t'aime. The next year, she was in The Hottest State, as well as on Heart of the Earth. She also portrayed Hildebranda Sanchez in the film adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel, Love in the Time of Cholera.

In 2008, she landed the part of Aleida March de Guevara on Che Part One: The Argentine and Che Part Two: Guerrilla. She also became known for her role on the third installment of the Saga: Eclipse.

In 2013, she joined the cast of the FX series The Bridge.

Place of Birth

Bogota, Colombia

Birth Name

Catalina Sandino Moreno



Fun Facts

-She's been married to David Elwell since 2006.
-She's friends with Ethan Hawke.


2005: Imagen Foundation Awards Best Actress - Film for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2005: Independent Spirit Award - Best Female Lead for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2005: Online Film Critics Society Awards - OFCS Award Best Breakthrough Performance for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2005: Premio ACE Cinema - Best Actress for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2005: ShoWest Convention, USA - Special Award International Star of the Year

2004: Seattle International Film Festival - Golden Space Needle Award Best Actress for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2004: Berlin International Film Festival Silver Berlin Bear Best Actress - for: Maria Full of Grace (2004). Tied with Charlize Theron for Monster (2003)

2004: Cartagena Film Festival - Colombian Cinema Award Mejor Actriz (Best Actress) for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2004: Chicago Film Critics Association Awards - Most Promising Performerfor: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2004: Gotham Awards - Breakthrough Award for: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

2004: Los Angeles Film Critics Association - New Generation Award for: Maria Full of Grace (2004).
Shared with: Joshua Marston (director)


2013: The Bridge
2013: A Stranger in Paradise
2013: Magic Magic
2010: Eclipse - Maria
2008: Che: Part One - Aleida March
2008: Che: Part Two - Aleida March
2007: Love in the Time of Cholera - Hildebranda
2007: The Heart of the Earth - Bosco
2006: The Hottest State - Sarah
2006: Fast Food Nation - Sylvia
2006: Paris, I Love You - Ana
2006: Journey to the End of the Night - Angie
2004: Maria Full of Grace - Mar?a ?lvarez


5' 6 1/2 (1.69 m)

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