Cassi Colvin



A model from Texas, Cassi Colvin describes herself as stubborn but funny and laid-back. She’d rather just sit around with a bottle of beer in hand. However, she’s willing to risk a lot as she becomes one of the contestants on the CBS reality competition Big Brother. She claims that she might not stand being cut off from the world, although she’s willing to overcome all her fears for the game. One of her weaknesses may be her lack of knowledge on the show, since she was merely approached to try out. Still, she did her research and admits that she sees it both as a competition and a break from the cutthroat life the catwalk.

Cassi Colvin, straightforward but sweet, is one of the contestants of Big Brother 13. This time, they’ll be working side by side with a Big Brother alum in order to wipe out the competition and win the grand prize of $500,000.

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