Calvin Goldspink


Date Of Birth

24 January 1989


Anglo-Scottish actor Calvin Goldspink, was born on January 24, 1989 in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, England. He was originally from the pop group S Club 8, a spin off of the popular UK pop musical group S Club 7. He was one of the eight chosen teenagers who competed in the S Club Search, a reality television series which formed the group, originally named S Club Juniors. They eventually rose to fame, even winning the award for Best Newcomer on the Disney Channel Kids Awards. Despite the disbandment of S Club 7, the spin-off group remained, and had a small following in the UK. In 2004, the group took a new direction, appearing in the BBC children's television show, I Dream. It also starred Christopher Lloyd, who Goldspink admits as one of his idols. He eventually launched a solo singing career, coming up with a solo album in the Jazz and RnB genres.

After appearing with his band on several shows like Top of the Pops, Calvin Goldspink decided to move to Los Angeles, California to start a career in acting. He was spotted at Seth Riggs Singing Camp. The lady who showed interest in his acting talents soon became his manager, who told him to go on auditions if he had time off from recording his album. The advice paid off, as he soon won the part of Oliver Banks on the CW comedy series Life is Wild. It was his first audition, and gave him the opportunity to travel to Africa for his role. Life is Wild is the American version of the British series Wild at Heart, and stars actors like Andrew St. John, Stephanie Niznik, D.W. Moffett, David Butler and Leah Pipes. Goldspink role is that of a reckless British man who interacts with the Clarke family.

(Photo courtesy of The CW)

Place of Birth

Scotland, UK

Birth Name

Calvin Goldspink



Fun Facts

1 of 8 in British band S Club 8. Band was originally named S Club Juniors but after the senior band S Club split they were renamed S Club 8.




Life is Wild (6 episodes)
I Dream (4 episodes)


Cal, Calv


5' 11"



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