Alex Romanoff



Hailing from the backwoods of Maine, Alex is one self-proclaimed country boy who is set to surprise whoever comes his way. He goes to college at New Hampshire, and has looks that spell a safe time for anyone around. However, inside, he’s one accomplished rock musician ready to turn any gig wild with his antics. Even though he’s never been beyond the streets of Maryland, Alex tends to put himself out there. Sometimes, it even gets too much. He’s been known to shed his clothes more than once in a while, but after a crazy night he’ll be the first to show his soft side. A bad boy who likes reading and writing poetry, Alex is one of the nine guys who are vying for a spot in Brody Jenner’s entourage. Joining the MTV reality show Bromance, these men are set out to prove how much of a guy friend they can be. These fellows will get to hang out with one another, dealing with their varying personalities and hoping to win. Are they genuine and trustworthy or are they hiding something from their bro Brody? Through various challenges, these guys must show that they have enough brotherly love to earn a life of luxury with Brody Jenner and his posse.

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