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Brian Andrews used to cope with his everyday financial needs by working at a doggie daycare, but ever since he auditioned for MTV's reality search Making the Band 4, his life has started moving in a better direction.  He ended up being one of the five who were chosen to be members of executive producer P. Diddy's all-male super-group. says that Brian's greatest weakness is his temper.  He is working on his attitude now that he has to cooperate with bandmates in order to produce their debut album.  With a great talent to back him up, Brian's definitely got a long way to go.

(Photo courtesy of MTV)

He has ONE CHILD... a little girl. He isnt able to see her because his wife is so crazy and insecure. plus she stabs people. Poor Brian with such a crazy little mess on his hands!

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Brian Olatunde Farihi Andrews



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has an addictive personality and sings tunes at the top of his lungs at 7 a.m.

claims to like country music


not the father of the year award




"B Crazy"


5' 6"



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