Bobby Jon Drinkard


Date Of Birth

May 10, 1977


Survivor: Palau (Season 10)- 9th voted out

Survivor: Guatemala (Season 11)- 10th voted out

Bobby Jon Drinkard Biography:

Born on May 10, 1977 in Troy, Alabama, Bobby Jon Drinkard is a graduate of Charles Henderson High School, where he was a varsity football player, and of Troy State University, where he majored in Public Relations/ Print Journalism. Drinkard held membership for the Future Farmers of America for four years, and used to work as a personal trainer, lifeguard and farmer. He describes himself as determined, bold and righteous. Among his favorite activities are working out, fishing, grilling with family and friends, hunting, running, going to concerts and reading the bible.

Drinkard first became a Survivor cast member on the show's 10th installment, Survivor: Palau. He was voted off the competition after he lost a fire-building challenge with his fellow tribe member, Stephenie LaGrossa . He was eliminated on Day 21, and was originally a member of the Ulong tribe.

As a contestant of Survivor: Guatemala, Drinkard was originally competing for the Yaxha tribe, but became a member of the opposite tribe, Nakum, after the "tribal switch" reward challenge. He later on became a part of the merged tribe, Xhakum, but was eliminated from the competition almost a week after the merge. Drinkard was the 10th person to be voted off the island because the other tribe members were threatened by his physical abilities.

Place of Birth

Troy, Alabama

Birth Name

Bobby Jon Drinkard



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