Bitty Schram


Date Of Birth

July 17, 1968


Many know Bitty Schram from Penny Marshall's baseball flick A League of their Own, but her acting career has gone beyond the big screen. Born on July 17, 1968 in Mountainside, New Jersey, she studied at the University of Maryland on a tennis scholarship. She graduated with a degree in advertising design, but had already developed a passion for acting by that time.

After her break into film, Bitty Schram was chosen to play characters in numerous other movies. In 1992, she got a part in the thriller Fathers & Sons, following it up with the adventure film My Family Treasure. She got small roles in The Night We Never Met, Full Cycle and Chasers. She has also acted on stage with Nathan Lane, appearing on the Broadway production Laughter on the 23rd Floor. She was later cast in Caught, The Pallbearer, Marvin’s Room, and One Fine Day, before landing a role in the romantic comedy Kissing a Fool. Schram has also gotten involved on TV productions, some of them being Destiny in 2001, the series Strong Medicine as Juno Bouvoir, as well as episodes of Roswell and Felicity. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in the USA Network’s Monk, where she plays Sharona Flemming. Schram is known for her sweet and heartwarming yet humorous portrayals of different characters, which is why many were angered when Schram was removed from Monk after only two seasons. There are speculations that the reason for her termination was due to her request for a higher pay. Her other credits include performances in Unconditional Love, The Sure Hand of God, and The Tag. In 2006, she landed a role in the drama A-List, and has made an appearance on Kitchen Confidential. She soon played a recurring character on Thief, later working on the TV movie You’ve Got A Friend.

Place of Birth

New Jersey

Birth Name

Elizabeth Natalie Schram



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Bitty Schram





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