Ashley Scott


Date Of Birth

July 13, 1977


Born on July 13, 1977 in Metairie, Louisiana to nurse Joe Scott and administrative assistant Andrea Meister, Ashley McCall Scott was raised as the middle child between two brothers in Charleston, South Carolina. At a young age, she ventured into modeling, at which she became very successful. At the age of 15, she moved to New York to pursue a modeling career with Elite Miami, which helped her to eventually fly to Miami, London and Paris.

2000 saw her venturing into acting, which required her to get over her fear of reading in public, as she had dyslexia. Her first audition was with Al Pacino, though she did not get the part. However, her audition tape helped her land her first role ever, Gigolo Jane in 2001's AI: Artificial Intelligence. As for television, she was cast as Asha Barlow in the second and last season of FOX's Dark Angel. As soon as the show ended, Scott moved on to play the lead character, Helena Kyle/The Huntress on Birds of Prey. Although the show was cancelled by mid-season, her exposure led her to garner a lot of attention from fans.

In 2003, Scott worked on S.W.A.T. and Trespassing, and in 2004, worked with The Rock in Walking Tall. Her later work includes those with Jessica Alba, Into the Blue, and Easier Softer Way in 2006. Afterwards, she landed the role of Emily Sullivan on the short-lived CBS series Jericho. She was also on Just Friends, The Kingdom, Deceit and Strange Wilderness in 2008. She later signed on for a role in 12 Rounds, released in 2009.

Ashley Scott was married to Anthony Scott Rhulen in 2004. She has a tattoo of a phoenix with Chinese ideographs for strength, destiny, love and courage on her lower back. She said that these images were important and meaningful to her as she had just gone through a life-changing experience and wanted to chronicle it through her tattoo. She also has her husband's initials tattooed on the back of her neck.

In talking about her style, Ashley Scott said, "I like pretty, but not too feminine. I don't like gaudy, I don't do lace, I don't do ruffles. I like to go rocker, sometimes, or really hippied out. I have a wide range."

Place of Birth

Metairie, Louisiana

Birth Name

Ashley McCall Scott



Fun Facts

-Ashley has two tattoos: a phoenix with Chinese ideographs for strength, destiny, love and courage on her lower back and her husband's initials (ASR) on the back of her neck. She also has her tongue and belly pierced.

-Her favorite fast food item is the McRib sandwich from McDonald's.

-Dated Ashton Kutcher from 2001 to 2002.




12 Rounds.... Molly (2009)
Strange Wilderness as Cheryl (2008)
The Kingdom (film) as Janine Ripon (2007)
Jericho (TV series) as Emily (2006)
Strange Wilderness as Cheryl (2006)
Deceit aka The America Standard (2006)
Puff. Puff, Pass aka Easier Softer Way (2006) as Elise
Just Friends as Nurse Janice (2005)
Lost (film) as Operator Judy (voice work only) (2004)
Into the Blue as Amanda (2004)
Joey (TV Series) as Allison (2004) (un-aired pilot episode only)
Walking Tall as Deni (2004)
Evil Remains (film) as Sharon (2003)
S.W.A.T. as Lara (2003)
Birds of Prey (TV series) as Helena Kyle/ The Huntress (2002- 2003)
Dark Angel season 2 (TV series) as Asha Barlow (recurring 2001 - 02)
AI: Artificial Intelligence as Gigolo Jane (2001)




5' 9" (1.75 m)


-I loved watching The Hulk. But people asked me what my favorite comics were and I was just like "The Incredible Hulk?" He's bad ass and he scared me.

-I have my own great relationship with God. I may not be at the end of my bed praying every night, but he hears from me at least five, six, times a day. I might be hollerin' at him, but I'm still talking to him. God's got a great sense of humor.

(When asked if she read comic books on a regular basis)
-No. I did my research for Birds of Prey. I wasn't into comic books. My brother wasn't into them and so it was just never around. Dungeons & Dragons is the closest I got to stuff like that.

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