A bar manager from Hobart, Indiana, Apple is someone who believes she is the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated. Even though she has trust issues from when her parents left her, she has developed the skill of adapting to change. She moved around a lot as a kid and has learned how best to deal with new people and new places.

Apple also had her eye on Chance from Real Chance of Love.. She thought they’d be great for each other, and that she hopes to tame the Stallionaire for herself.

Joining Real Chance of Love 2, she did her best to charm the Stallionaires in their second quest in building a strong romantic relationship. Real and Chance have recovered from the first season of the show, so they decided to mix it up with twenty girls who are hoping to be the one for them. This season presented a new twist in the series, as there will no longer be any division like before. The idea of “Real’s Girls” and “Chance’s Girls” has been eliminated, which caused the competition to get tougher. Apple lasted until episode 4 of the competition because she was too quiet and reserved to make a connection with Real.

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