self absorbed vicki

Talks about how it just didn't work between her and Don, well, I guess not she was always finding reasons to be traveling, (like business and shorts trips with the "girls". She commented to Tamra how did we get here. Is she kidding, she needs to look at the last two years of episodes (even at the winery she was complaining about Donn and how she didn't feel fulfilled. Well, honey stay home, live a life with your husband and you might get lucky and feel fulfilled
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Amen, as often as I saw her family complain how she was never home, she still didn't get it. She should have spent less time putting down everybody else's lives and concentrated more on keeping hers together. Too much attention on everyone else and not, nearly, enough on you and yours.
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vicki claims she is praying that the lord would help her marriage but vicki is not even trying herself vicki is 2 busy working and working on everyone on who they sleep with but it's okay 4 tamra 2 make that video with eddie n the tub they are 2 sick !$#!#es
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