My View on Housewives of Orange county

I do not know how to name what i have to say as being a topic. I recently veiw the show and although I like it, i hated the facts that these women are so brutally hypocrite within themselves, by this i mean not to each other entirely but to themselves. First I love Vicky, I think she is a very strong and intellegent woman a wonderful mother and more so a great person. Her daughter on the other hand should have concern for her mother's choice, but at the same time respecting it and the person she choses. who are we to say a person is not a great person if they do not have money, a difficult pass life and seeking for a better one. If it was the man who had businesses and money it will be a nice catch for vicky, I'm sure that her friend and daughter will say. The question is do we love individual for who they are, or the money that cover them or the money they have in possesion and the luxury. It seems to me that Vicky daughter that is the gold digger. All i here her say is that Brooks do not have money, he drives mom car, has four children and an ex-wife. So what! Love is a rare thing, money and luxury cannot takes its place. you want to know if Brooks love Vicky, be close to him, observe how he treats your mother, speak with her and interact with her. if you find any form of disrespect, lies or phoniness in him, then persecute him, but do not persecute him without giving him a chance. This is like throwing a bird up in the air and shooting it before it had a chance to fly. However, by saying all that, I think brooks need some socializing skills, I think he is a negative instigator. The Episodes at the name changing party, I think he handle the situation foolishly. He should have left it alone, how do he know it was an evil eye? seeing how he had behave at the party and the confusion we cause between the woman he profess to love and her friend is tacky. So this is my judgement on him. I think he is a manupilator, controller and prunner. He will create problem omong Vicky friends and her daugther if she allow him to and isolate her then go in for the KILL. Vicky I do not know you but I think that you will make the right choice in your relationship. You are a wonderful woman with a good heart, and you will find youself a good man with a great heart not one like Brooks who needs lot of therapy for socializing and encouraging good friendships. infact I think all these women have personaity issues and inward competion with each other. I will rather watch more of the show if it was teaching me what true friendship and relationship is. there is too much bad thinds on TV for more negative dramer
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