Ramona & Alex not taking it anymore!

I would just like to say that it's so good to see the two of them not taking bull from Jill & Kelly anymore. Alex has sure gotten verbal now, & it's good to see her stand up for herself! Ramona needs to do what Alex is doing, and start telling Jill, Kelly, & Cindy, that all she wants to do is be herself ! Ramona keeps trying, but I feel like Cindy is going to be causing trouble for the rest of the girls all the while pretending to be a "Strong" women, & a so called "let me tell you first" type of person.If your trying to stir things up in the show, your doing it by putting Cindy into the mix! Me myself would rather it be like the first season, real women of NY doing NY activities! Don't get me wrong, Drama is why we tune in, but it doesn't have too go that far. I'm a little disappointed at Jill this season. I thought she would go back to being my favorite Housewife again, but it looks like she's not doing as she said she would, and try to be a better friend to the girls.
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