What happened to Lerone at the "Men Tell All" episode recently?

I would love to know why the producers bothered to put Lerone in the mix when he did not stand a chance from the first hello? Emily is southern woman - strike one - be real here now He was rarely shown during the first episode There was obviously no conversation between him and Emily Not to mine or anyone's surprise, he was sent on his merry that first episode It is no wonder that this show has a bad rep for not allowing men and women of obvious color have a remote chance of finding love. Are only attractive caucasion men and women have a shot to be on this show? If Lerone was in attendance he was not shown on the "MTA" episode. There are many caucasian men and women who are attracted to people of color, Asians and hot Spanish men and women. Start adding some variety and sizzle to the show!!! Tracey
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