Ive got to cry Foul on this finale....That last challenge was a MEMORY test NOT a cheat by reading the answers from a paper. Its as much cheating as taking a cab instead of walking. The Cowboys should be the winners
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i agree also isnt it against the rules to move into first class i thought they had to travel by coach i know they bought coach tickets but they should have been penalized for rule breaking i so wanted the cowboys to win
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I haven't seen it this yet but it seems to me the boys followed the rules and bought coach/economy tickets. All they did was ask for their seats to be switched. It is common for airlines to move passengers from coach to First class when there are empty seats available. That is not cheating. That is knowing how to travel which is what the race is about,
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its not against the rules to move to first class its only against the rules to buy a first class ticket if you can convince them to move you to first class then its good for you as for the notes that is fine you can use anything you have with you to beat a challenge its the same thing as using one's bag to hold the puzzle pieces in the challenge in the china stadium if you are prepared then you're good I am sick of people saying the cowboys should win the brothers won fair and square they knew the game better and were ahead of the cowboys the whole time the brothers won fair and square and deserved the win and i for one am glad they beat the cowboys because the cowboys showed no class talking about how they wanna beat up jordan right infront of him. what jordan did was to advance himself in the game (taking their place in line) what they were doing wasn't it was just plain rude and obnoxious and they've been doing that the whole race people just don't notice it because of their aw
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I felt it would have been against the rules on both topics. Always hate to see those prove that cheating is the only way to win. Was glad to see the cowboys did the right thing and kept their composure, they were the only team that kept up with all that was going on without attacking each other and those around them. They should have won the money, but glad they kept their standards.
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Well the cowboys were ripped off. Item 3: In the virtual room when Jordan was in the way how was that fair? He prevented Jet from moving forward- I would've at least asked him to squat so I could step over him- failing that I would have pushed him out of the way. Money will not buy either of them happiness. Go Jet & Cord!
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Three teams cheated on the distance with the motor bikes this time and the cowboys were honest and returned to get the correct distance. Why are teams allowed to cheat and not be punished..
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