Understanding Big Brother and Shelly Moore

It is outrageous that anybody would hold any participant on Big Brother as being liable or contemptuous for playing the game to the best of thier ability. Big Brother is a game of lies, schemes, more lies, bigger schemes and bad behaviors on everybody's part and that is what Big Brother is really all about. There is an old addage " nice people finish last", and it has never been truer that on Big Brother.Nothing that happens in that house and for a half million dollar prize, should ever suprise anybody. It is unfair and unkind to single out Shelly Moore. It is especially unfair and unkind on anya dn every level to question her parenting skills, or to bring her daughter into it either. Everybody playing Big Brother is paying hard and fast for that half million dollar prize and when the stakes are that high, you can expect to see some pretty shocking truths about how cut throat and competetive human nature really is. Nobody can be trusted or good to thier word, and some would have thrown thier own mother under the bus if need be!! As for bad behavior well lets have a good look at those unafraid to slither and crawl on thier bellys for most of the game, namely Kalia and Portia. Daniel has kept this season entertaining to say the least. She is quite the ballsy girl. As for Portia, well she just rides the coat tails of good players and tells anybody crazy or dumb enough to listen to her, only what it takes to keep her safe, as well as what she thinks they want to hear. As for Kalia, well, I simply cant say enough about her game play. Kalia is a nasty, lieing, two faced, underhanded, inhumane, cut throat,disloyal, arrogant, lousy excuse for a human being as well as a snake in the grass, all of which had made Season 13 of Big Brother, truly amazing to watch. Shelly Moore who is one of the most entertaining favorites of mine this season next to Daniel, has not played the game any differently than those before her or those who wll come to play after her. It is unconsionable and classless to think that anybody would question her parenting skills or bring her daughter into it either. Without those crafty and nasty villans that keep us tuning in, Big Brother would have no reason to exist. I caution people to please remember that Big Brother is simply a game and nothing more. It is wrong on any and every level to assume these people are the same outside of the Big Brother house, as they are when inside playing the game, especially for that kind of cash. I think many lifelong friendships will be forged in that house, and when not trapped inside like lab rats for entire summer, most would likely get along quite well with one another. By the end of each insane and sequestered season, it is probably safe to assume that they fight and squabble amongst themselves more like family members do. I am certain they would never behave as badly as they do, if they had met elswhere. I wish the entire cast my very best, and may the best evil and notorious man or woman win. That is simply put, what it takes if you ever had a hope in hell of winning the Big Brother game. Never judge a book by it's cover, especially when written by Big Brother. " As my mother always said, " why are office politics so nasty?.. well.. it's because the stakes are so small."
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