Fraud Fox

Understandably Rick Fox has made a big name for himself as he ended up being traded to a championship caliber team ruled by Shaq and Kobe in their primes, and pocketed championship rings from that. He married Vanessa Williams and pushed himself into the media limelight. However I can remember back in 1993 when Fox was on the Celtics. He was hanging out in Daisy Buchannons on Newbury Street leaning back on the bar with a drink after the Celtics pulled off a win earlier in the night. I walked by him, caught his attention and said "good game Rick". He looked at me and replied with a small "pfft" laugh suggesting that I wasn't even worth a polite "thanks". He was obviously looking for some action as the bar was loaded with hot young singles but a quick polite gesture to a fan wouldn't have hurt his chances. I honestly hated this guy ever since that. I'll never forget this and always think of how truley ungrateful to the fans he is of his success. When the guy who actually made those championships in LA moved to Boston a couple years back to finish out his NBA career, I noticed how polite and social he was with every person in the community in any setting. Just thought I'd share that story with the peeps.
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