this team season is a real problem for me

First of all the runway and background is black and so many of the fashions are black and we cannot see the fashion.... not very helpful Secondly, the reality tv personality against personality format is really not working in this season. The feeling is really not friendly. It is not creative and flowing. And the creativity is stunted. Thirdly, the staff picked the two teams and it seems that one team is favored over the other by the judges as well as the designers themselves. This season just seems too contrived and is not working for me. I am not able to concentrate on fashion and how to make it... it seems the intention here was to show competiveness vs teamwork but somehow in the mix it bombs and everyone seems just ...lost and bewildered... trying gamefully to do as well as possible but not being able to really do well because they are all trying to get along in a team they did not choose to be in and whose members they do not know.
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