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Is anyone else totally disgusted with the judges picks for Hollywood this season? Are these judges totally off their rockers? What in hell are they thinking. Sure they did pick some great talent, but several of the picks were assinine. I think they only picked them to get ratings and personally I don't think Osborne or Morgan have clue one about real talent. They are just arrogant idiots. I don't thinkI'm going to bother watching anymore.
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Piers Morgan should NOT be on TV! He is a failed newspaper editor who was sacked for printing hoax photographs supposedly showing British and American soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners. ThesE photographs undoubtedly led to many British and American soldiers being killed because the insurgents believed they were true! He now condones the hacking of anybody's mobile phone which he obviously knew about when he was editor of the Mirror newspaper in England. How can somebody like that ever be said to be appealing??
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