Give Paget Back Her Scenes!

I may be biased as AJ and Paget are my favourite actresses but they were two of the best characters in Criminal Minds, and the decision to get rid of AJ and cut Pagets scenes won't help the ratings at all. Surely after all the petitions and messages CBS have recived they would realise that we love the show exactly how it is and we don't want to see it changed!? They will soon realise when their ratings drop...
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Something is wrong with the people in charge of the cast in Criminal Minds. They took my favorite show and ruined it. They must hate female actors on it. First they get rid of Elle, then J.J. now Emily. They were all wonderful. Kirstin is good but they increased her role too much. Why have you ruined this show? The second one is not as good nor is the cast. How about putting Elle, J.J. and Emily on the second show. That might invite positive comments. --otherwise I'm now through watching them chop up the show.
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