Melissa and Joe Gorga Great Together

Melissa you are beautiful, respectful and smart. All your cast members, and their husbands like you and try to always protect you from Teresa. Your cast members and their husbands understand that your sister-in-law, Teresa is a troublemaker. Teresa is praying to see you leaving his brother so that she can have his brother to herself. Teresa should understand no that her brother has his own family now. Therefore, she should let go. You have a great and loving husband. You should always be thankful and love him back. Husband (Joe), is also a handsome man like all the husbands on the show. You have a great husband that love you and his children very much. I know that you will not leave him as Teresa stated about you leaving him for a rich man. Yes, you are very pretty but hold on to your husband tight and do not let him slide away from you. You are very lucky lady to have Joe Gorga as your husband. Your husband is also lucky to have you. You are both very beautiful together with your children. Please, you must never allow anyone to come between you. I could tell that he truly loves you and please continue to love him back. He is the type of a man most women are looking for. He is a great husband and father. This man will do anything for you. Keep him forever! You hit it right for getting him. I know that you can also find any man you want but he (Joe) is a real man and ready to protect you and your children. I am wishing you many great years of marriage to come. I am praying that you both grow old together. Thank you
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