Kat's attitude towards Corey

While watching this season's LA Ink,(summer season) I couldnt believe the way Kat treated Corey. Kat, He has been your best friend, for a very long time, and this season, you just screwed him over like he was nothing. When he asked to come back (which he shouldnt have had to do in the first place) you just snubbed him! In my humble opinion, I think you are getting way to full of yourself. I used to think you were a pretty cool chick, but you really have shown your true colors this season. If things dont change, you could be losing 2 fans that really used to enjoy your show!!!
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I am quite baffled myself as to your treatment of COrey and how you and Michael (don't get me started on him) turned it around like Corey did you wrong. He gave up everything to get your shop going and after dealing with Aubrey and then that other manager chick you would think that YOU would have understood where he was coming from. YOu drank the kool-aid Kat. You fell for what others told you and ignored your real friend who ALWAYS watched your back. YOU kept him waiting weeks or months to tell him how you ALL discussed his coming back and you were ready to "let him?" A real loyal business woman would have made that decision in minutes. YOu blew it Kat. YOu have become too preoccupied with your many ventures and havre forgotten whose backs you step up on along the way! SHAME ON YOU!
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