kris, i will go on vacation w/ you and your family and try to tell them to respect eachother and the

chris, I am the youngest child of 8 (but i am 48 years old. I try to keep fit, but also have a thick midsection and am not pleased w/ the way I look, but, I would wear a bikini in Bora '''''bora. Your kids are nice, but they talk mean to eachother. they should realize what family is about. it is all we all have. I would lecture them nicely while drinking wine. willing to meet the family, and let them understand that it is so unnecessary to cut down eachother, need to embrace. I respect your family. they are so lucky, but have endoured tragedy losing a father. Bruce is awesome. I will show my belly on the beach if you do. (I weigh 160) not beautiful, but not so hung up on my body. I ahve realized that you cannot have !$#!#tails at 48 and still be skinny. Love you. Christine Cox @ I would be a good addition to fun.
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