Ideas for the younger girls

Hi Kris, I am a 45 year old lawyer, with three girls (7), (12) and (14). I come from a big blended family and really love to watch yours in action. There are things I wish my girls did not see, but overall, what they perceive is the importance of family. I was playing around on Facebook yesterday and looked at Kendall's page. My girls loved the short question and answer clip, and just thought how the field is wide open for another teenage sister duo (like the Olsens). Since your girls are already well known by the teenage set, there is huge potential. I am especially thinking of the episode where they went to the homeless shelter---it had real impact. I would love to see yours in a social issues format---like Oprah for teenagers. Fun, but also something that would also allow them to be respected for talent. Perhaps its been done before, but I can't think of anything like it. I have some great ideas. Any thoughts?
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