knight rider car

i love the new series and think the mustang is fantastic! however the old kitt looked more futuristic for the time and think that is what the new series needed.perhaps a black nissan gtr! the light would fit lovely where the gtr badge is.val kilmer has a better voice than old kitt more computerised.i think they should of had more of the bullett scenes where the paint work gets damaged like the start of the pilot and not the cheap arse blue light phasing over the top of the car.however that said they should re-consider ending the series with a fresh start in the gtr and someone using the mustang as a karr replacement once kitt's cpu is swapped over.
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I loved the original show as a kid and at first did not like the remake but after watchin a few episodes i think its awsome now, new mustang is one of best lookin motors i seen in ages,no matter which car had been used in new show its a impossible task to replace the original KITT in my oppinion!
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