Does Courtney have a low self esteem or what??

It appears to me she does, because why in the world would she allow Scott to walk all over her.. It clear that Scott is just not in to her, or the baby. I really believe she is just a meal ticket for him and is riding off the family's name. You can plainly here and see the deceit in him. He's a liar and a manupilator, and is difinetly trying to come between the family.. He is not father material, husband material, nor boyfriend material. That relationship ain't going nowhere, unless she's going to take care of him.. I don't blame chole for not letting him in her house, someone in the family needs to stand there ground with him, if not, not only will he be ruling and doing what ever he wants with Courtney, he'll be pilling that mess with the whole family.. If that's what she wants them she needs to keep her own place..she also needs to quite it with the father of my baby stuff, anyone can be a daddy but it take a real mature man to be a father.. It really appears that he does not want her, he's looking for a fool someone to use.. He's not even a provider..
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