Jim Parson's Personal opinion's on Sheldon Cooper

Jim as the actor who brings the character to life, without bring into question the writers behest; who do you feel is Sheldon Cooper's source of inspiration, if anyone's? I ask because I feel a simularitiy to sheldon, clearly not on an intellecutal level. Even though I was tested as a child and was placed into advance placement classes with an estimated IQ of 144, more so because of my seemingly thoughtless compartmentilization of emotion. That being said, I do have a girlfriend and two children, all of which along with my other immediate family feel, and in fact voice the opinion that I border on sociopathic tendencies of logical, emotionless response. Except anger and aggression, both reguards completely controlled, no violent history of outburst or violent crimes...lol, just natural anger and percieved aggression toward normal repulsion; Although anger and aggression is a marked charicataristic of a violent sociopath. The initial question remains and to expound on that I ask further, other than the obvious, einstien, hawking, and other comparisions made either subtle or otherwise on the show, who are sheldon's possible inspirations?? With nothing more than intellectual curiosity and your HONEST interpritations as an amazing, award winning actor, who has more realistically brought to life such a seemingly robotic character,than anyone else I can imagine, who do you feel sheldon is suppose to be embodying, or is he completely original>??<< Thanks in Advance, A series long Fan, andrew
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