A rare diamond in the rough...

I have been a long time, die-hard fan of SVU, and of the 4 female actors who each portrayed as an Assistant District Attorney, I'd say that Diane Neal is, in my opinion, a rare diamond in the rough. My feeling is, is that Diane has qualities/rarities that might have made her standout to some in the entertainment industry; she has a rare combination of two actresses created into one person: Kathleen Turner (in her youthful, slimmer days) and Raquel Welch. All in all, I hope that Diane continues what may seem to be an upstart; of maybe resuming her career in acting; I'd say for her to appear in more new dramas, comedies, etc. and maybe, maybe start a career in films, even if they are independent films. I wish her nothing but the best of luck for her life. I think, if I read it right, Diane is an avid N.Y. Jets fan herself!
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