What a miserable Ending to what could have been so good !

During Series -2, -3 and -4 we had several "filler" episodes in which the story line was not developed. Instead we had some boxing matches and some other peripheral action. Come the finale, the story writers had to rush to make an ending which was in my mind the biggest disappointment. OK, so maybe they did run out of ideas, that's only human, but they could have recognised this and brought in some new blood. In retrospect there was never an absolute plan for this series, it started great, continued well and finished like a damp firework. There were too many contradictions and quandries. In the beginning it said that the "Cylons have a plan", well - what was it ? I never saw their plan, was Brother Cavil pulling the shots all along ? No, he wasn't, he was just as lost as any of the other characters. In fact things got so convoluted that the story writers had to grasp at religion to end it. Starbuck- an Angel. What a neat way out. Anyway, I think I could have wrote a
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Your a year late and your wrong
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