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There has to be something done about the voting procedure. Only the best should go on. For many weeks the voting came in wrong, especially near the end. Holly and Phillip, Phillips should have been voted out, instead you lost Skylar and Elise should still be in the contest. You should only be able to vote once per phone number. If a person is allowed to keep on calling back in and putting 20,000 votes in for one contestant than that is wrong. Also, maybe it might be good idea to have it like the Voice, where the judges can put in half of the vote where they give a number like 50, 50 or 40, 60 to the contestant. Maybe then the best performer will get to the end of the contest. Can you see what this season will be like at the end if Phillip and Holly are the last two contestants left because of the voting? You will lose many people as viewers after that. Jimmy was right this week, Phillip should have been removed. He didn't sing that good and yet he was saved because of the voting.
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America’s Got Idol Talent no “Aw-shucks Southern Country White Boy” Got Idol Talent Kevin Skinner, Michael Grimm, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips.
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The judges need to stop promoting the kids who can't sing. Phillip may be a musician or songwriter but he definitely cannot sing. He has very little range and cannot consistently hits the notes within that extremely narrow range. They wanted to promote him as unique but this simply is not the right show for his style. You cannot have a jillion teenie boopers vote for someone who they think is cute and then expect the rest of the public who have an ear for music to just continue to watch and accept. There should be one vote per number. Getting millions of votes doesn't really matter when all voting banks aren't equal. I watched every show but the finale, I kept hoping the judges would be honest about the singing instead of promoting a controversial character in hopes of ratings...that strategy is backfiring for them. Shame on Idols Executive Producers for allowing this to continue.
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