Zoey 101: Recap of "Goodbye Zoey"
Zoey 101: Recap of "Goodbye Zoey"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Zoey 101's highly anticipated episode “Goodbye Zoey” finally aired last Friday with fans having mixed reviews on the third season ender.  While some deemed the episode to be dramatic and above satisfactory in terms of acting and plot, others were disappointed, saying that the conclusion didn't really live up to all the hype and was something less than what they had hoped for.

For those who have failed to watch “Goodbye Zoey,” here's a way to catch up and give out your own opinions on last week's season finale.  Read on for a quick recap.

In the TV movie, Zoey 's (Jamie Lynn Spears) parents unexpectedly come to Pacific Coast Academy and drops the news that they are moving to London, leaving her the option of coming with them. While Dustin (Paul Butcher), Zoey's brother, immediately wants to stay at PCA, Zoey is still undecided.  She struggles with the opportunity to live in London and to be with her parents, and the fact that she would be leaving a great boarding school, not to mention her friends, Michael (Christopher Massey), Quinn (Erin Sanders), Lola (Victoria Justice), Logan (Matt Underwood) and most especially her guy best friend, Chase (Sean Flynn).

Zoey turns to her friends to weigh in their sentiments but is most anxious to hear what Chase has to say since his opinion matters the most.  Unfortunately, Stacey (Abby Wilde) overhears Zoey telling the news to Michael, Logan, Lola and Quinn and tells P.C.A. news reporter Jeremiah Trottman who tells everyone else on campus.  Chase hears about the drama from a complete stranger and is devastated by the fact that he is the last to find out.

Zoey tells Chase the news, but a crushed Chase brushes her off, prompting her to seriously consider leaving her life at P.C.A.  Zoey decides to leave for London and Chase doesn't say goodbye.  At the end of part one, Chase realizes what a jerk he has been but appears to be too late.
Part two finds Chase as he attempts to stop Zoey from leaving, but she's already on the plane.  He then says sorry via webcam.  Although Zoey accepts his apology, she refuses to come home and Chase realizes that he has screwed up.

Back at P.C.A., Stacey moves into Zoey's old room, while Chase starts hanging out with (Madison Riley), a Zoey look-alike, but with a repulsive personality.  Michael and Logan team up to fix the situation.  In a cliffhanger ending, Zoey watches Chase unknowingly admit his love to Zoey via webcam.

Zoey is yet to meet face-to-face with Chase after he admits he loves her in the fourth season of Zoey 101, premiering in February.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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