What Would TV Do? Snack Foods
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
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Do you ever, when watching television, find yourself craving a tasty treat? Yes, of course you do. We all do. TV knows this.

But how do you pick out just the right snack food for maximum viewing pleasure? Television offers many, many suggestions to please your palate.

What would TV do?

Fight for the right to eat junk!
As we saw on Glee earlier this year, sometimes you just have to stage a protest if you want some greasy goodness. Sue Sylvester went on a power-mad, anti-potater tot kick and got the yummy starch removed from the cafeteria.

So sad. After all, what's left to eat in a high school cafeteria when you take tater-tot goodness? And that's why Sue Sylvester got tots in the tailpipe.

Randomly introduce carnival food.
If you've ever been to a fair, carnival or farmer's market, you know that kettle corn is the food of the gods. Popcorn! With just a little sugar and salt! There truly is nothing better.

And that's why television knew to bring kettle corn in as a plot point on this week's Community. We needed proof that Rich was the "good" version of Jeff, and kettle corn played that role admirably. The only downside was having to watch -- mouth watering -- as the Greendale students enjoyed their treat.

Pretend that junk food is classy.
Some people might put you down for loving junk food. But not TV! Television will, instead, help to show you that junk food can stand at the same level as caviar and foie gras.

How else could Richard Blais have won this week's Top Chef with potato chips? Potato chips, I tell you! That greasy, salty, no-nutritional-value foodstuff that your mother never let you eat enough of. Thanks to TV, we now know that potato chips are actually haute cuisine.

We'll just assume that your chips are as fancy as anything on Top Chef.

Eat healthy foods, if that's what makes you happy.
Sometimes you don't want junk food for a snack. TV knows this. TV respects this. TV wants you to eat whatever you want (unless you're on The Biggest Loser, of course).

That's why Michael Westen on Burn Notice eats so much yogurt. It's the kind of snack he likes. And that is OK. On television, even yogurt counts as a viable snack food.

Are you hungry now? Great! Grab a snack and settle in. It's what television would want you to do.

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