Welcome to 'Remote Patrol,' BuddyTV's Entertainment Blog
In case you hadn't noticed, here at BuddyTV, we love TV. It's our goal to be a fun and engaging place for true fans, diving in-depth to the biggest shows on TV, so you and your fellow fans can find everything you need about your favorite show in one spot. (It's called a showpage. Like this one. Or this one! Or this!)

It's also our goal to tell you, in as many silly ways as possible, exactly what your personality is. That way, you can spend less time self-analyzing and more time watching your favorite show. It's the perfect system, really.

But not everything we love about TV fits into little show-shaped boxes. And we're betting you too sometimes venture out of your favorites to see what else is on. That's what this blog is for: All that other, more general TV-related stuff that we've got going on. From lists and links, to slideshows and 'shipper news, to weekly columns by all our writers, Remote Patrol is the place for content without clear-cut categories. And we hope you find it categorically awesome.

Here are some of the regular features you can find on Remote Patrol, and what they're all about:


Every week, John Kubicek looks at the world of TV and unearths the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for a specific topic.

WWTVD? (What Would TV Do?)

Life is complicated. TV can help. In "What Would TV Do?" Laurel Brown attempts to explore life's mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television.

Shipping News

Jen Harper takes a look at the TV relationships ("ships") du jour--real and fictional--from makeups to breakups and everything in between.

"I've Got a Problem!"

Meghan Carlson and Carla Patton have problems. With what they see on TV. Each week, they will pose one problem and talk (or, more accurately, IM) it out. Two will enter, two will leave.


Carla Patton loves Bravo, shows on Bravo, and things related to shows on Bravo. She even loves stuff related to things related to shows on Bravo. She will indulge those loves here.

We'll be rolling out more and tweaking Remote Patrol as we go along, so if you have any suggestions, thoughts, concerns, hopes or dreams to share, post them in the comments. Thanks!