The 'Work of Art' Finale
The 'Work of Art' Finale
Work of Art
, the little show that could, is already at its season finale.  I'm already praying for another season, you? Tonight, someone will win a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and $100,000 (thanks Prismacolor, for sponsoring this and for showing that there is life after RoseArt).  This finale is SO Project Runway, starting with Simon De Pury (Work of Art's Tim Gunn) visiting the artists' houses to see how their work is coming along.  And then I realized that this finale, like Project Runway, is probably in two parts.

Simon in your Home
First, Simon visits Peregrine, who has been making casts, drawing vomiting girls, and trying to photograph two dead twin fawns in a case (she describes them as "so beautiful, and so sad, and so pretty and so creepy," pretty much). Simon visits Abdi next and gives me hope that this will just be a one-part one-hour finale. Simon tells Abdi that what he sees is "not dazzling, quite frankly."  Finally, Simon visits Miles, who admits to some early sociopathic tendencies (setting deathtraps for small animals as a child). Miles took pictures of people at a White Castle, one of whom happened to be a homeless man who froze to death two days later. Some people have all the luck.

I was happy to see everyone getting along when they reunited for the gallery shows. Who needs drama? Miles, Abdi, and Peregrine meet with China Chow, who introduces "one last surprise" (and is wearing a pink ostrich-y thing). One piece by the winning artist, will be included in the Phillips de Pury auction. No last challenge--whew!

Setting up for the Gallery Show
Miles has put together a series of dots, more or less, taken from pieces of the image of the guy who died on the White Castle security camera. Peregrine creates an art country fair and gets emotional about her fawn piece. I have a hard time not loving Peregrine. Abdi works on his large, unfinished sculptures, and they're just breaking all over the place (along with my heart, for Abdi).  Fortunately, Abdi got his Humpty Dumpty-esque sculptures together.

The Finale Gallery!
At this point, I have no idea who will win. Sarah Jessica Parker noticed Miles's "wonderful madness" but I wasn't entirely sure it was saying anything. Peregrine created a wonderful childhood carnival with an adult edge, very much like her "Rainbow" piece for the childhood challenge.  I would love to have been there! Abdi's large sculptures look really great and his gallery was very cohesive and personal. China Chow and guest judge David LaChapelle almost cried looking at his work. 

The Final Crit
Miles's explanation of his abstractions surprise and move the panel. Jerry Saltz, who can't get enough of Miles, loves that he "followed an obsession." Abdi's pieces were quite moving, but Bill Powers called his sketchbook display "a little art school." The judges liked Peregrine's narrative and magic. Who will win? Personally, I hope it's not Miles although, maybe considering the entire season, it should be. Either way, he's got Jerry Saltz's vote.

The judges liked being inside Miles's head, even though it was a bit tunnel vision-y. They found Abdi moving, but (according to Miles-fan Jerry Saltz) a bit melodramatic. Peregrine's wax head won the day with its quiet strength, but her gallery needed to be edited. China Chow asks, "so have we found our winner?" the judges (not pictured: Jerry Saltz) nod in agreement saying, "absolutely."

The first artist eliminated is Miles (whoa!). He took a risk following his one obsession so closely, but he definitely has a future. I was happy to see Abdi and Peregrine in the final two. And the winner of Work of Art is . . . Abdi!  My mom will be so happy, and I am so happy. We're all happy for Abdi, it's hard not to be. 

What did you think of the finale? Where was that piece on fire that I saw in the previews? What did you think of Work of Art as a new show?

(image courtesy of Bravo)