'Women's Murder Club's Paula Newsome Gets 'Flash Forward' Role
'Women's Murder Club's Paula Newsome Gets 'Flash Forward' Role
You don't need to black out to know that new characters will be introduced to Flash Forward soon, since this freshman drama is still climbing up the TV ropes.  With that, let's introduce yet another face to the ABC series - actress Paula Newsome.

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly reports that the star of Women's Murder Club has been tapped for a role in the Joseph Fiennes starrer.  Newsome will be appearing in a few episodes "in the not-so distant future," which could mean early next season.  It's been stated that her story arc will begin around 2010, which leaves a lot of room for assumption.

For her part on Flash Forward, Paula Newsome will supposedly be playing a doctor on the show.  The prevailing guess is as the OB/GYN of Janis Hawk (Christine Woods), the agent who saw herself pregnant in her vision.

Before we get any comments regarding a blonde performing Janis' sonogram, let's clear things up.  Sonographer is not the same as OB/GYN, so Newsome's character can't be the woman we've already seen on the show.  The Flash Forward writers certainly wouldn't be so careless as to suddenly recast characters for such an important piece of the story.

But if the speculation regarding Newsome's involvement with Janis is too far-fetched, there's another likely scene which would fit her.  Thanks to Olivia Benford (Sonya Walger) being a physician, there's a whole hospital at work on Flash Forward.  Surely another doctor wouldn't be out of place there.

Anyway, here's a background check on Paula Newsome.  She seems to be drawn to these types of shows, given her role on Navy NCIS as Jackie Vance and on Bones as Kelly Bissette.  It's also good to note that she also played a doctor on Women's Murder Club and on Heroes.

I do remember her best on Little Miss Sunshine as that stern lady who just wants to get death over with, reducing it to a pile of papers that need signing.  Still, we can't wait for her Flash Forward role, if only to give us new blood to look forward to on the show.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW.com
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