'Women's Murder Club' Returns With New Episodes Tonight
'Women's Murder Club' Returns With New Episodes Tonight
With the writers' strike over, fans are more than just ecstatic to see more new episodes of the ABC hit detective show, Women's Murder Club.  Starring Angie Harmon as Lindsay Boxer, the series revolves around Lindsay's team of women who are out to get the bad guys through their collaborative efforts of varying fields.  Cindy Thomas (Aubrey Dollar) is a reporter who is sick of her mundane desk job and is ready to take on the more grueling crime cases, while Claire Washburn (Paula Newsome) is a medical examiner who gets into the details of every murder case to find a possible solution to the crime.  Jill Bernhardt is a passionate district attorney who's also got some personal issues she carries with her everyday, hindering her from facing her own demons, but empowering her to find the real demons on the streets of San Francisco.

Tonight, the show returns with the first of three new episodes airing at 10pm.

Entitled "Father's Day," the first of three fresh episodes will feature Lindsay and Warren Jacobi (Tyrees Allen) investigating a van and a possible shooting victim.  Just as they go to check out the van, a red-hooded man comes by to shoot them.  Lindsay bravely comes after him, but he's slicker than she thought.  She is caught by surprise and forced to give up her gun.

Meanwhile Cindy learns that the body in the van was identified as an undercover policeman who was shot while on a mission.  Later, Lindsay gets the surprise of her life as she confronts her estranged father, former cop Martin Boxer.  He tells her to be careful in dealing with the hooded man, as he is linked to Lindsay and Martin's past.  Gerald McRaney will guest star as Martin Boxer.

In the meantime, Claire and Ed talk about the possibility of asking help for the problems they're dealing with.  Lindsay, on the other hand, meets a charming man who seems interested but does not pave a way for further communication.  Upon tracking him down, Lindsay discovers the reason behind his distance.

Episode 1.12, entitled "And the Truth Will Sometimes Set You Free," follows Kate, a young college girl who gets raped after a party.  A couple of suspects deny the accusations, and when the prosecution found out that Kate was intoxicated, they decided against prosecuting.  Following the murder of one of the alleged rapists, Kate's ex-boyfriend sneaks to the other alleged rapist and shoots him while he is talking to the press.  However, he misses and shoots Cindy instead.

Entitled "Never Tell," Episode 1.13 will follow Lindsay as she risks her life to track down a serial killer who threatens to destroy something of her own, unless she hands over that one thing he owns that is in her possession.

Don't forget to catch the return of Women's Murder Club tonight at 10pm on ABC, with the season finale airing on May 13.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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