Without a Trace: Preview of "Wanted"
Without a Trace: Preview of "Wanted"
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
When we left Without a Trace three weeks ago, a weatherman by the name of Ben Coleman started acting weird one day.  He stepped out of his car, a Porsche if I remember it right, and had small talk with a woman regarding getting a car that gets great mileage.  He walked in the station with a cup of coffee for the equipment manager, who was a little weirded out by the act.  When he went on air to give the weather, a producer started noticing that Ben was bleeding from his abdomen.  Then he walked down the hall and vanished.  Needless to say, the team was called in to investigate.  The probe led them to his high school and a Civil War reenactment, which should be all fun and games, until real weapons were used.

On tonight's episode of Without a Trace, a missing teenager, who was last seen with her bipolar mother, arouses the interest of the team when they find that she has a secret life.  Her desperate divorced mother is suspected of kidnapping, but pretty soon they aren't so sure.  Meanwhile, Jack (Anthony LaPaglia) and Sam's (Poppy Montgomery) relationship encounters a bump in the road.
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Now on its seventh season, Without a Trace began this latest installment September of last year on a new 10pm Tuesday timeslot.  There were changes, such as Steven Weber joining the cast as a recurring guest in the role of Special Agent Clark Medina, Jack's purported replacement as unit supervisor.  Jack continued working in the unit, though, as Medina's stint lasted but a mere five episodes.  Meanwhile, as is evident on this latest episode, Jack is bent on repairing his personal relationship with Sam this season.

Its ratings, however, have witnessed a steady nosedive since a peak of 18.68 million average on season 3. So far, season 7 has attracted an average of 11.7 million viewers.

Catch “Wanted” tonight on Without a Trace at 10pm on CBS.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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