ABC's 'Wipeout' Ends with a Bang
ABC's 'Wipeout' Ends with a Bang
Last week, we saw the two-episode special of ABC’s Wipeout, which we previously reported has become summer’s highest rated new show.  Wipeout has attracted quite a large number of viewers aged 18 to 49, which is the target of most advertisers, thus making the show very popular amongst ad makers.  The show, which has constantly been compared with Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, boasts of larger-than-life obstacle courses in which 24 new contenders must survive every week to eventually win the title of Wipeout Champion and a grand prize of $50,000.

Last week, ABC treated us to two episodes of fun and games with the hilarious activities that sent contestants falling flat on their faces.

"This is a tough athletic event, so you have the kinds of injuries you'd get in a sporting event, like twisted ankles, bumps and bruises," executive producer Matt Kunitz said.  In the first episode, we saw obstacles such as Human Pinball, Leap of Faith, Cookie Cutter, Big Balls and Sucker Punch.  The second episode brought us Bath Swing, Goofy Goggles, Punch Bowl, Big Balls, Triple Threat and Rolling Logs.  Contestants last week included a pole dance instructor, an amateur boxer, a bodyguard, a caterer, an architect, an interior designer, a stunt performer and a nurse.

Tonight, the 90-minute finale of Wipeout will air and hail one winner as the ultimate Wipeout Champion.  Don’t miss the explosive season finale as it airs tonight at 9pm. For an exclusive peek into tonight’s episode, click on the link below.

ABC’s Sneak Peek into Wipeout’s Season Finale

Wipeout is executively produced by Matt Kunitz with Scott Larsen and Shye Sutherland.  The show is produced for ABC by Endemol USA, the company behind hit reality shows Deal or No Deal, 1 VS. 100, Fear Factor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Big Brother.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC, Dallas News
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