'Whitney' Videos: Jerseys, Crazies and The Silent Treatment
'Whitney' Videos: Jerseys, Crazies and The Silent Treatment
This September, comedienne Whitney Cummings will have a lot to say about men, women, and whatever goes on in between. NBC introduces a new sitcom called Whitney, which revolves around a witty and opinionated female who lives in with her longtime boyfriend. 

Worried that their romance might flare out, she observes other people and uses unconventional ways to deal with her own problems. In this case, she talks straight to the audience and tells it like it is, somewhat like a stand-up comedy routine. You can see what we mean on the clips below.

On this first video, Whitney ponders a question we've all wanted to ask but were too afraid to, in case we get beer cans thrown at us. So, why do guys wear jerseys when watching whatever big game is on?

Next up, she gripes about how hard it is being called "crazy" by men. Really, they just don't know what ladies go through sometimes. And we don't just mean their wallets.

Ah, Whitney just wouldn't be complete without this awkward moment:

If you've recovered from the previous clip, how about translating the ever-puzzling lingo that women use on men?

Finally, Whitney delivers the biggest punishment you could ever perform when slighted by a man. Ladies, be prepared to use (or overuse) your gift of gab.

Mark your calendars this fall for the premiere of Whitney. The series, created and co-produced by Whitney Cummings herself, also stars Chris D'Elia as her boyfriend Alex Green, Beverly D'Angelo as Patti Morris, Weeds star Maulik Pancholy as Neal, Rhea Seehorn as Roxanne, Zoe Lister-Jones as Lily, and Daniel G. O'Brien as Mark. 

In case those clips haven't reached your funny bones yet, you can watch the trailer for Whitney below. 

Don't forget, Whitney premieres on September 22 on NBC. For more details and extras on this hilarious new comedy, check out the show's official website here.

(Image courtesy of NBC)