'White Collar' Season 5 Premiere Preview and Spoilers: Peter in Prison is 'Surreal'
'White Collar' Season 5 Premiere Preview and Spoilers: Peter in Prison is 'Surreal'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The White Collar Season 5 premiere airs on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 at 9pm on USA. BuddyTV was given the chance to view the episode, as well as talk to the show's stars, Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, about what will be happening with Neal and Peter this season. 

White Collar Season 5 Premiere: Everything is Turned Upside Down

As the premiere episode begins, we pick up basically where we left off. Peter has been put in jail for a murder that Neal's father committed and now he's the one in the orange jumpsuit while Neal works from outside to get his friend out. From there, the episode jumps around in time, sometimes jumping forward weeks at a time between scenes and sometimes merely hours. 

Because they are both in situations that are not familiar to them, Neal and Peter each face their own set of challenges. Peter has trouble being the guy behind bars and doesn't even want his wife to see him that way, while Neal is struggling to figure out how to do the right thing, without losing the trust of the man that has become his best friend. 

It's a balance that carries out through most of the episode and in the end, both of them make huge decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. When the final credits roll, we find Peter and Neal in very different places from where they started in the episode, and also in very different places from where they've been in the series before. Does Neal get Peter out of jail by the end of the premiere? The answer to that question may not nearly be as important as HOW Neal might do that. 

Matt Bomer on Peter in Prison: "It Was Surreal."

When asked what it was like to play Peter and Neal while they had basically swapped roles, Bomer said it was interesting. 

"There was a moment when we were filming a scene in the prison and I saw Tim in an orange jumpsuit - you know, clearly complete role reversal and the coin being flipped. And I found that really interesting. Neal can obviously relate in many ways. He has a real sense of responsibility about everything that's transpired, even though his father was largely responsible. He's certainly feeling the weight of that as well.

"And as someone who's been where Peter is, I think that resonates with him even more, and makes him dig even deeper into his bag of tricks to figure out how to fix it. Like a typical guy, he wants to fix everything. 

So I found - that's how I view this from the character. And from an actor's perspective, I guess it wasn't terribly different because we had - I guess it was just more surreal for me personally because we had filmed the opposite side of the coin before, so, first of all, Tim looks great in orange. Fantastic color for him. And secondly, you know, it was a bit of a - it was a trip to see him on the other side of things and see how he handles it. And of course he's such a great actor that I was just watching him planning on what I would steal in the next ten hours [in orange]."

Tim DeKay on Peter in Prison: "It Was a Trip."

Asked to talk about the tables being turned, DeKay described the experience as a trip.

"Well, it was a trip. I wish that actually we explored that for a longer period of time even. I think that was - but, you know, story-wise we couldn't, but I thought that would have been interesting had we kind of stretched it out a bit longer."

What do you think about Peter being in prison in the White Collar Season 5 premiere? Do you think Neal will be able to get him out soon?

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