'White Collar' Recap: Best of 'Countdown'
'White Collar' Recap: Best of 'Countdown'
On tonight's summer finale of White Collar, we find out if Peter discovers that Neal and Moz took the stolen treasure including a rare Degas painting. Does Neal stay or does he go?

Top Five Moments:

5. The FBI knows about the Degas! Peter's buddy Kramer, a FBI agent with a lot of knowledge on impressionist painting, comes to town to help Peter with the Degas case.

4. Why is there an hourglass on my kitchen table? The hourglass represents the forty eight hours Moz gives Neal to make up his mind about cutting out of town with the treasure or staying back and continuing to work with the FBI, treasure-less. Are you giving me an ultimatum, asks Neil to Moz and yes, indeed he is. It's time for Neal to choose a side.

3. You're awfully close to the man you think stole a Degas? Peter admits to Kramer that he needs an outside perspective on the Degas case. Kramer tells Peter that once a con, always a con and guys like Neil are "hardwired in their brains." Kramer believes that Peter is going to find arresting Neal hard because he's "not just slapping cuffs on a criminal, you are taking down a friend."

2. That's Kramer talking. He's the devil on your shoulder: Neal tells Peter that Kramer has gotten into his mind and Peter asks Neal if he remembers what he first said when Peter accused him of stealing the treasure. "Prove it," Peter reminds Neal. And he tells him that's exactly what he is going to do.

1. Neal really did? Peter asks Elizabeth why she is convinced that Neal did it and she tells him last time Peter was this obsessed about Neal was right before he caught him. In a move that rivals Ocean's Eleven (Or Twelve. Or Thirteen. Actually, the move is better than Thirteen.), Neal replaces the Degas so it looks like he and Moz weren't involved and tells Moz that he isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately, his actions have dire consequences to Elizabeth.

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The last 20 minutes of tonight's White Collar was more exciting than the whole season combined, minus maybe the season premiere. Next season, White Collar takes a dark turn, as it did in the last five minutes tonight, and it looks like both Neil and Peter are going to learn a lot about the consequences of their actions.

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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