Second Season of Weeds Will Soon Be Available on DVD
Second Season of Weeds Will Soon Be Available on DVD
Although viewers will have to wait until August to catch the third season of Showtime’s comedy series, Weeds, they can tide themselves over with the show’s second season DVD, which will be released on July 24th.

The 2-disc box set not only contains all 12 episodes of the second season, but also has 4 exclusively-produced featurettes, including “Cream of the Crop” and “Conrad’s Grow Room.”

Other features included in the DVD are footages of Huskaroo commercials, 7 commentaries with the cast & crew, a “Jammin Nation” extended performance, a gag reel, a “Little Boxes” musical montage and trivia tracks.

The show, which follows the story of a Suburban community involved in marijuana distribution and consumption, stars Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin. Parker has built a prolific career in the entertainment industry and has received several Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe awards. She has worked extensively in the theater and big screen, but her inclusion in Weeds marks her first leading role in a television series.

Parker’s Nancy Botwin first started dealing marijuana after her husband’s sudden death. She has used the money from her drug business to support her children and maintain her upper-class lifestyle. By the second season, Nancy decided to grow her own marijuana, despite being forewarned by her supplier, Heylia James (played by Tonye Patano). Other complications arose, including her relationship with DEA Agent Peter Scottson (played by Martin Donovan).

Other prominent cast members in the second season of Weeds were Kevin Nealon (as former councilman Doug Wilson), Elizabeth Perkins (as councilwoman Celia Hodes), Romany Malco (as Heylia's son, Conrad Shepard) and Justin Kirk (as Nancy’s brother-in-law, Andy Botwin).

The second season ended with a cliffhanger episode, with some of the characters posed in a Mexican standoff.

According to the official website of Weeds, the second season DVD has been priced at $39.98.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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