Wanna Bet: Gearing Up for Tonight's Season Finale
Wanna Bet: Gearing Up for Tonight's Season Finale
The ABC series which follows celebrities and ordinary individuals in their plight to succeed in the craziest challenges that are required of them is now coming to a close, with the season finale airing tonight at 9pm.  Wanna Bet, which pits ordinary Americans in challenges that are to be performed in front of a studio audiences, lets celebrities bet and eventually win prizes for their favorite charity.  The show is hosted by British comedy sensations Ant and Dec, with celebrity judges Sherri Shephard (The View), Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars), Scott Hamilton, Bill Engvall, Jerry Rice, Drew Lachey and Corbin Bernson.

Before tonight’s season finale, though, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what went down on the freshman season of Wanna Bet.

In the season premiere of Wanna Bet, we saw four wacky challenges, which include hula hooping a 50 pound tire for 45 seconds, identifying four out of five CD’s just licking them and packing a collection of couches into a truck within 2.5 minutes.

Episode 2 brought us individuals who aspired to kick themselves on the head 45 times in one minute, move on strand of spaghetti 20 feet between two tractors and guess the weight of four out of five people by standing on one’s stomach.

Episode 3 reeled in more laughs as a young boy stuck 10 spoons on his face for five seconds. Another contender attempted to kick off 60 lights in 60 seconds on one foot while one tried to retrieve Ant and Dec’s car in a sea of 50 black cars in the span of 2.5 minutes.

The fourth season performers include a tractor stripper, lumberjacks, vacuum id, underwater rubik's cube and marching band. In last week’s fifth episode, we saw a basketball neck shooter, egg skier and chainsaw bottle opener perform for the charity cash prize.

Tonight, ABC will showcase another set of wacky antics as the season finale of Wanna Bet ensues at 9pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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